Plant Spirit Healing

Plant Spirit Healing is a beautiful way to connect to the healing power of plants and trees. It is based on ancient wisdom from many shamanic cultures and traditions who communicated with plant intelligence through quietening their minds and listening with their hearts. As an apprentice to this art of deep nature listening, I have been training with Pam Montgomery as well as receiving guidance from Peruvian healers during 6 months in the Andes. I currently work with Mugwort, Yew, Beech, Yarrow and Hawthorn, who have been fantastic teachers and aided my personal healing enormously.

I am keen to offer this powerful healing modality to people who feel called to plant healing  and experience what it can do for them. I act as a bridge between you and the plant, so you do not need to ingest the plant, simply relax and enjoy the healing.

I am based in the Wye Valley near Monmouth and would be delighted to offer anyone a treatment with Mugwort, Yew or Hawthorn. I have a treatment space at a beautiful woodland sanctuary where I live and can also travel to you.  Please explore my website for further information.

Treatments offered:

  1. Mugwort for Body Alignment and balancing
  2. Hawthorn for emotional/heart healing
  3. Mugwort for clearing and balancing the chakras
  4. Yew for grounding/integrating aspects of self to bring wholeness

Please contact me for further information:

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