About Me

Hello and Welcome

As a child I talked to trees and collected flowers as offerings to garden fairies…and not much has changed! I have a deeper relationship with Nature now, a depth that comes from losing myself completely and having Nature bring me back to Life.

Swept up in a world that taught me my worth lay in other things…success, career, material objects and “being a sensible grown up”. I achieved all those things and felt empty inside. For 10 years depression held me prisoner and I self-medicated my feelings of isolation and anxiety with alcohol, food, empty relationships and self-abandonment . My journey back began when I read how exercise and nature could help lift mood and be a natural treatment for depression. I started jogging in my local park. Pretty unfit at this point I would often stop for a while by a tree to catch my breath. Leaning on the mossy bark of an old oak tree I would sometimes tell them how I was feeling, cry, rant, sometimes just be still and listen. Over time my fitness greatly improved but I would still be called to stop by each tree. Day after day the trees became more important than simply keeping fit and lifting my depression, they became my companions, my guides and to this day some of my closest friends. I still get days when I feel down and anxious, make seriously bad decisions… but this is the Human Journey and I have learnt ways to welcome this with love.

Nature finds a way of bringing us back to Life…like Spring after a deep Winter. I am deeply grateful for the gifts and wisdom Nature has shared with me and see it as a privilege to share those with others.

May all find truth and love in Nature’s reflection.

Clare x x x





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