The Subtle Art of Receiving


In a culture which predominantly values productivity and material gain as markers of success and happiness, I see receptivity as an act of heart-led rebellion! By receptivity, I am referring to the art of “not trying so hard” as well as the ability we each have to soften and receive life/love. Receptivity as a state of being. A state of trust and openness to life, rather than an active state of doing something.

I have been observing nature over winter and trying to tune into the how the land around me receives. In the forest, the mighty oak trees appear dormant. I find a nook in the base of the twisted trunk and sit for a while, listening with my whole body as to what energy is moving in this apparently still place. What I can feel is a pull down into the damp soil, a dropping of tree and my energy into the Earth. It feels a little disconcerting at first, like I am being buried, but once I relax and let go to the sensation it is actually very blissful. I am being held and nourished by Earth. She offers this freely and without any expectation, all I needed to do was stop “doing” and receive. I love the way animals and plants are able to do this very naturally. Without the hang ups of “being good enough” or fear of taking too much they just receive what they need and then carry on! Energy is in constant flux between polarities of giver and receiver, a cycle of life force…yet as humans we can struggle to feel comfortable with this process.

After my blissful experience of Earth nourishment I was intrigued to observe other ways in my life I could be more open to receive? In what ways do I resist life or love being offered?  Am I providing space in my heart and life to accept gifts or am I too busy trying to get stuff done?! Can I master the subtle art of receiving life?

Goddess Receives

I would like to invite you into one of my daydreams…..

I am reclining on a bed of velvety moss underneath a majestic oak tree. Spring flowers are budding at my feet, wanting for me to invite them into bloom. Deer and fox attend me, waiting for my needs to be spoken, keen to bring me food and comfort. Women stand by, wanting to I’m being offered everything I could ever want. My body is worshiped, rain kisses my skin, birds sing to me, beautiful offerings from everyone passing by fall at my feet. I am filled with bliss. I am adored…simply for existing.

In reality however, the picture can be very different. I am actually quite scared of receiving kindness and love and it can make me feel a bit sick and panicky!! Mmm, yes there was learning for me here and I decided to practice receiving things in my life, even though it felt uncomfortable. I noticed a very clear “not worthy” belief which no longer served me. I am working with receiving as a new play activity, and little by little it is feeling more authentic and comfortable. I am feeling less obligated to immediately give back or apologise for taking up “too much time/space”. This may not all shift overnight, but I can sense my awareness and behaviour is modifying to a place of greater balance with what I give and take from the world.

I am very excited as since I started this receptivity practice, lots of amazing and beautiful little gifts have come into my life. People stop to offer me a back rub, a robin visits my caravan and sings to me, people cook me delicious meals, situations and opportunities to follow my soul path are lining up and all I have to do is open my arms and trust I deserve this.

x x x


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